Learning to Love Tea

 Learning to Love Tea

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed that there are two types of people in the world; those who adore tea, and those who think ancient man was first smoking the leaves they later decided to drink. I mean, come on, who was drinking water one day and thought to himself, “You know what would make this water a whole lot more tasty? Throwing leaves and bark into it!”. In the end we all know what an ancient phenomena tea turned out to be, and it still runs deep in cultures all across the globe.

Now, in the past, I have tried to like tea. I’ve bought various sampler boxes and choked down the awful murkiness, refusing to let it go to waste. However, it’s never been a pleasant experience. Where were the warm, fuzzy, and downright romantic feelings I was supposed to be getting from sipping this hippie juice? My Pinterest account (https://www.pinterest.com/denalz) had been lying to me all along it seemed.

Then one day I came across a blogger by the name of “Kendra” (https://www.kendradueck.wordpress.com). You can put honey into tea?!? And…. milk??? I suppose I knew that you could add sugar, but for some reason I had never tried this and instead assumed that one could only get the benefits of drinking tea if it was “au natural”. As it is, I am currently enjoying a hot cup of chamomile with honey and a bit of sugar and I have to say… it is rather pleasant! I have always wanted to be a tea drinker and felt like I had been left out of some universal grown-up club. However, I am pleased to report that I may have a new winter indulgence. And it’s just in time for my new night-shift lifestyle, but that’s a post for another day.


Puppy Training

I was training our puppy this afternoon, his name is Pilot, and I realized that he may not be as smart as I originally proclaimed him to be. While I don’t expect him to pick up on the trick, “Shake,” on his first try, I do expect that after a half an hour he would stop biting the hand he’s supposed to shake with and then immediately jumping for the other hand with his treat… as if to say, “I did the trick, now I get the treat!”

I have however, finally taught him that when I throw his toys across the room, I want him to go get them, not slink away and pout in the corner like I just canceled Christmas. Fetch is the new game word and I’m proud to say that he can respond to it with confidence.